Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Best Selller

May 9, 2007

Since I seem to be on a Silver Lining theme, I decided to add one of my all time favourites. I bought the pattern for this at CNSF in Toronto a long time ago. I bought it because a) it is gorgeous and b) I saw the model. Since then I have opened the shop Knowledge and Needles and I have to say that Dream Lover has probably been my best selling pattern of all time because a) it is gorgeous and b) I now have my own model hanging for all to see.

The framing job on this model is also excellent. We had planned a trip to the framer but for some now forgotten reason I could not join my friends there so they choose the mat and frame for me...did a good job didn't they?

And if I am talking about best sellers I have to mention an excellent book I just finished reading called The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Ask for it at the library.

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Beatrice said...

The stitching is lovely and so is the framing. Thanks for reminding me of the title of the book. Look forward to reading it.