Monday, May 28, 2007

More Thursday stitchers pics

May 28, 2007

I am still having trouble mastering the art of adding pictures where I want them...however

Here are a few of the stitchers from last Thursday.

Anne is a beginner who is coming along marvellously. Her mom, in the background is working on Mother's Bliss.

Jane is working on a pillow top from a Stoney Creek leaflet.
Angie is doing a M-designs witch. It uses a gorgeous Silk n'colours thread caller Monster Mash.
Lisa is working on a X's and Oh's dragon.
Olive who held up a blank hoop last week still hasn't done much on her cross stitch but she did share this amazing stump work piece with us . You cannot tell from the picture but the flower is three dimensional. It is amazing! I got many hours of stitching in on Thursday and Friday managing to complete two projects, one large and one small. Of course I have not photographed them yet. So you will have to wait for another day to celebrate with me.
Christin visited from Thursday till Saturday and we enjoyed a very productive stitching day all day Friday. Actually we stitched so much that my right arm actually ached a bit on the weekend. She made great progress on Guardian and I'll have a pic of my Silver Lining cactus very soon.


Beatrice said...

All your pictures are wonderful. I missed you all Thursday...Hope to be back with you this week. Thanks for the ride home!!!!

Beatrice said...

I must add Thanks for the T shirt. What a great thought your DH had for us.b

tkdchick said...

Its great to see everyone!

Anonymous said...

HI Angie is trying to get to be on youre Web.

Anonymous said...

Here I go again, Ann the pictures are great, this is a lot of fun,I think I got it,See you thursday

angie said...

sorry I try to get it right

Aussie Stitcher said...

Thank you for sharing the photos of your stitching buddies, they are wonderful.