Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A learning curve

May 8, 2007

I have not had to manipulate inside a computer programme for a long time and I am finding myself making lots of mistakes and re-doing the same thing many times in order to get this blog thing going. I am trusting that I will become more adept as I go along. I had some help from Wendy of Wendy ~ home at work with adding links to other blogs on the sidebar but I did such a good job that I got two of every link and did not know how to delete the extra one so I deleted them all and will try again later. My other challenge is to find out how to allow anonymous comments.

My picture today is a WIP of The Silver Lining's Epiphyllum #2 done over two on 32 ct linen.
I am doing only the flower, and not the border as seen in the original pattern. I am stitching it for a friend and she decided against the border. No problem for me as the border is large and all one colour. By the time I finish the flower itself I will be very happy to not do the border!


Beatrice said...

I think I got it. This is great for you, nice job!!

Beatrice said...

I'm trying again